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Our passion at your service. Our main goal is to bring high quality to achieve our mission.

Retail & DIY development

From the creation of the store to its operation over time, each retailer has a unique need, each project is sewn by hand to adapt to the customer to fit him like a glove.
We help you to: develop the Omni-Channel strategy to accelerate the development of your company, boos the business, develop the monitoring tools for the head-office and the stores, train and support store teams to optimize the customer journey, work on sales dynamics and in-store merchandising, optimize the supply chain, optimize the level of stock, develop the services and support your providers, revue the range and optimize the product mix, help you recruit the best resources of the market,

Consulting and advising

Understand yourself, your business and your goals. What business problem or what opportunity are we looking to solve.
Diagnose. Analyze your business, your customers, your market. Plan and define the strategy.
Develop the personalized implementation plan with tangible business benefits for our customers. Implement Bring the action plan to life.
Pragmatic victories, in the medium and long term. Monitor and Work with you to implement solutions that make a real difference to your business.

Suppliers Intermediation & Consulting

We know retail and retail know us. Many professionals aim to develop and distribute their products abroad but often without experience or contacts, the project can quickly be a disaster. We can help you avoid this situation! We have developed quality partnerships qualifying us to offer you the best conditions in terms of quality, flexibility and price. We provide you with real support throughout the process by adapting to your needs, requirements and budget. Concretely, we can: Study your project and realize it for you. Study the market, contact the right retailers.Identify the resources necessary for the development of the business and support them. In a way, we become your freelance export manager

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Tailor-made advice and support to achieve goals

  • Save time – we focus on the details.
  • Save money – we help protect you from non-compliance issues.
  • Grow – you keep your focus on increasing revenue.
  • Develop – your local and foreign business.
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Include some facts about our meetings, like this one: We met during Covids 19. Interesting how some people handled this strange situation. Some distance on the table. Some others as if everything is as usual.
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My work portfolio for inspiration

In this context, our approach was to build trusted and strategic relationships with the key customers, with the goal of advancing the business in the foreign countries and to develop the business outcomes.
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